Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bridal hunting

I always want a very simple but of course, gorgeous for my wedding. Finally I booked Rins for my official Wedding Planner. I can smile now..yihaa!! I think almost 1 1/2 months b4 i booked. Actually, its so berbaloi! Worth ur money. The price not too cheap and not to expensive. yihaa!!

Baju yang Ieyna nak pon ada kat sana..SONGKET + LACE. I've also done a few survey...Hampa!! So, Ieyna pilih Rins coz baju yang Ieyna nak ada kat sana..Pelamin also byk pilihan...

My abang really want to wear songket. Klu tak, mmg nampak kosong. Actually it's a gift for u my darl!!

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